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The Nordic Welfare Model: impact of the COVID19 pandemic
The global Coronavirus pandemic has seen all of the Nordic countries economies endure record slumps this year, however they have managed considerably better than most other European countries.The Nordic Welfare Model has been a large contributing factor to this, due to the fact they have an elaborate social safety net and public services such as free
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Coronavirus: Norway's sovereign wealth fund suffered a historic NOK 1,171 billion loss
The world's largest sovereign wealth fund saw its portfolio, with 71% invested in stocks, severely affected by the market storm in the first quarter. This is the worst quarterly
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Coronavirus: rescue plan for Norwegian startups and small-medium businesses
In the facing of instability time for start-ups and SME businesses, the Norwegian Government announced a NOK 4.5 billion support program. The project aims to enable these
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100 billion NOK Worth of Guarantees and Loans in Crisis Support for Businesses in Norway
The Norwegian Government has proposed two new loan measures, providing support of a total of NOK 100 billion. The package will improve Norwegian Businesses’ access to the
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Electric and hybrid car insurance in Norway is getting more expensive
One of the largest insurers in Norway and Scandinavia, Gjensidige ASA, announced increases in the price of electric and hybrid car insurance. These changes are forced by frequent
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Flight Delay Compensation: Passengers will no longer have to prove that they have boarded the aircraft
The Court of Justice of the European Union believes that airline passengers arriving at their destination with a delay of more than three hours must be compensated without having
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Business in Norway: assess your changing insurance needs
Have you invested time and effort in Your Business, does your work pay off, do you have the wind in your sails? Congratulations! This increase probably caused changes in your
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