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All experts in and have extensive experience. Many authors—experts—have extensive qualifications and expertise in their respective subjects, including MBAs, PhD, other degrees, and professional certificates and Executive Education from from Top Business Schools. Stay on top of what's happening in the Scandinavian and Norwegian economies with thematic knowledge of various industries. Reliable business, financial, national, and international news constantly focus on providing comprehensive, reliable, accurate, innovative, and high-quality information. We are here for everyone, helping people find their way forward.

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Business in Norway | Assess your changing insurance needs
Have you invested time and effort in Your Business, does your work pay off, do you have the wind in your sails? Congratulations! This increase probably caused changes in your
Electric and hybrid car insurance in Norway is getting more expensive
One of the largest insurers in Norway and Scandinavia, Gjensidige ASA, announced increases in the price of electric and hybrid car insurance. These changes are forced by frequent
100 billion NOK Worth of Guarantees and Loans in Crisis Support for Businesses in Norway
The Norwegian Government has proposed two new loan measures, providing support of a total of NOK 100 billion. The package will improve Norwegian Businesses’ access to the
Nordic Region Cashless Economy after Coronavirus
The world will be a vastly different place economically after the Coronavirus pandemic. Many more countries businesses will revert to the digitization of their payment systems as

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