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Buying or selling a home (property) (Eiendomsmegling) is one of the largest financial transactions carried out by the average person or family in their life.​

We provide professional assistance in carrying out all kinds of transactions on the Norwegian property market. For many years, we have been helping our clients throughout Norway to Buy a Home or Sell a House (Boligsalg), Sell an Apartment (Leiligheter), Sell Cottage House (Fritidseiendom) and Commercial Projects and Properties (Næringseiendom) in the best way. Cooperation with many Real Estate Agents allows you to submit several non-binding offers, regardless of whether you are looking for a Refinancing Mortgage or have specific plans to sell your property soon. The greatest value of the offer is local Estate Brokers (Eiendomsmegler) matched in terms of geolocation - postcode and the competitive price of sales services and experience. They represent, among others offices such as: Eie Eiendomsmegling, Eiendomsmegler 1, Krogsveen, Notar, Privat Megleren, BN Bolig, OBOS Eiendomsmeglere, Nordvik, Eiendomsmegler Vest, Proa Eiendomsmegling, Aktiv Eiendomsmegling, Exact Eiendomsmeglere or Terra Eiendomsmegling.

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